What are the solutions for coping with periods of extreme heat at home?

Summer is coming and with it the days are getting hotter and hotter. Global warming is also a factor: periods of heatwaves are becoming more and more frequent, and each time more intense.

During a heatwave, the temperature, already excessively high during the day, has the particularity of dropping very little in the evening and at night. This has an obvious impact on the body, particularly if you are part of at-risk populations such as children, the elderly or the sick.

This is why the French are increasingly choosing to equip themselves to make the atmosphere a little more breathable inside their homes. We suggest that you review some of the solutions that can be adopted in order to better get through these periods of extreme heat.

Equip yourself with air conditioning

This is undoubtedly the most effective method: acquiring a air conditioning system. Especially since this sector has experienced a lot of technological developments in recent years. Today’s air conditioners are more efficient, more environmentally friendly, while consuming less electricity.

The different types of devices

  • mobile air conditioners: reserved for small budgets, as well as small areas, they have the advantage of being able to be moved around your home at will.
  • the wall-mounted air conditioner: it is made up of two units. One of them is placed outside, it captures the air which, once cooled, will be diffused inside the house by the second unit. This is certainly the type of device that we encounter most frequently.
  • centralized air conditioning or split-system: consists of an exterior unit for the air intake, with diffusers distributed in the different rooms of the house where you need them.
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The advantage of reversible air conditioning

By making this choice, you have both a device that will cool the air in summer, but which will also be able to heat it during the coldest periods of the year. A two-in-one of sorts.

Whatever your choice, we recommend that you entrust the installation to a professional. It is even much more than a recommendation to the extent that the regulations in force require it.

The air-air heat pump

This equipment also allows, like reversible air conditioning, to produce cold in summer and heat in winter. This is another very economical option because it consumes little energy. Easy to install, it will give you satisfaction all year round as long as you do not live in a region that is too cold.

And, because air conditioning isn’t everything and you can never have too many ideas to combat the heat, don’t hesitate to apply a few grandmother’s tips, most of them have proven themselves . These are small tips which, if not really refreshing the air, will try to keep it at an acceptable temperature as much as possible.

All this will allow you, we hope, to get through the summer and its scorching days without suffering too much.