What are the top 5 cyberattacks of 2022 and why web security is a crucial topic these days?

Despite the significant increase in cybersecurity defenses around the world, cyberattacks are a recurring phenomenon. Indeed, whatever their size and activities, companies are the potential target of cybercriminals.

In 2022, cyberattack has reached imaginable levels, putting several businesses and websites at risk. This article made available to you discusses a non-exhaustive list of the 5 biggest cases of cyberattacks which marked the year 2022 and the importance of web security.

Attack on the Flexbooker platform

Between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, the renowned meeting company Flexbooker suffered a large-scale attack which affected nearly 3.7 million users, thus compromising its web security. Confidential data such as passwords, identification information and driving licenses were stolen and then offered on popular hacker forums.

This cyberattack was orchestrated by a group of hackers called Uawrongteam. They corrupted servers by installing malware. This action cost the company dearly because since this serious incident many prospects have had to leave the platform.

Attack on the exchange platform

On January 17, 2022, this exchange platform was the victim of cyberattacks. As reported by the famous Forbes magazine, nearly 500 digital wallets were targeted by cybercriminals. Consequently, they managed to steal almost $18 million and $15 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively.

Hackers successfully bypassed 2-factor authentication (2FA) by accessing user wallets. At first, the attack was considered an incident by the platform which then denied it by confirming that the users had been robbed.

The company was therefore forced to reimburse the stolen accounts. Since then, the perpetrators have not been found. Additionally, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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Slip of the tongue which targets the giant Microsoft

Indeed, the group’s goal was to recover important information and then return it for money. They used phishing to gain access to employees’ personal emails. Furthermore, they used the social network Telegram by publishing a screenshot indicating that they had hacked Microsoft.

However, on March 22, 2022, Microsoft announced that the hacking attempt had been stopped and only one account had been compromised. In addition, Microsoft added that no sensitive user data was stolen. All this chaos made it possible to get hold of 7 people, including two young people aged 16 and 17.

Red Cross data breach

The Red Cross is a large humanitarian network which holds hundreds of thousands of quite sensitive medical data. In January 2022, hackers carried out an attack on this organization’s web servers, compromising nearly 500,000 personal information.

The hacked servers contained information on war victims and witnesses that could be sold to international criminal networks. Therefore, the Red Cross took its servers offline for a period of time in order to ward off the attack. Authorities have not identified any culprits.

Ronin Platform Attack

This gaming platform which is based on cryptocurrency was the victim of a cyberattack which lasted approximately 5 months between November 2021 and March 2022. The Axie Infinity game allows players to earn cryptocurrency as well as NFTs (non-fungible token) .

The game’s transaction system was attacked, allowing cybercriminals to gain control of the amounts won by players. According to an investigation released by the FBI in mid-April, North Korea’s Lazarus and APT38 groups were both responsible for the theft of nearly $620 million in Ethereum.

The importance of web security

Cybersecurity is important because it includes protecting data against cybercriminals who steal information for bad purposes. Indeed, this may involve sensitive data, personal, government or business information. Therefore, putting in place advanced cyber defenses to protect all this information is of paramount importance.