What Do Case Studies Tell You About an SEO Agency

What do case studies say about an SEO agency?

Are you finally taking the big step of outsourcing your SEO to an experienced agency? This is a decision that many companies make because it has many advantages. We’re talking about being profitable and getting amazing results when it comes to ranking on Google.

But the first difficult step you need to take is to hire an SEO agency. With so many options, you have to dig deep and really see what they can do. One way to do this is to look at case studies. Let’s see what case studies can tell you about an SEO agency.

The campaigns they created

First of all, one of the best things you can get from case studies is insight into the campaigns an agency has created for their clients. Often their website will list the clients they have worked with and statistics on what they have achieved overall as an agency. But the best part of a case study is seeing individual examples of exactly what that team did.

For example, ClickSlice is an award-winning and leading SEO agency in London. But what campaigns have they created for their clients? Well, this is something you can see through the case studies published on their website. Click here to see some examples. They are short but informative, so you can see how creative an agency is and how they operate.

Clients they have worked with

When considering hiring an SEO agency, it can be reassuring to see that they have worked with other major companies. This is something you can find out by looking at the case studies. Indeed, the agency will often share the name of the client they worked with, as well as the results they were able to obtain. So you can see if you recognize any of these companies or brands.

But, even if you don’t immediately recognize companies that an SEO agency has worked with, that doesn’t mean you should dismiss them out of hand. For example, you can research this company yourself to see if it is a big player in its industry. Ultimately, if they trusted the team, it can give you more confidence to do the same.

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The obtained results

When you are on the internet and trying to find the right team to hire, it can be difficult. Everyone will tell you he’s the best. The only way to know if an agency is just hot air or if they are as good as they say they are is to look at the results they can achieve for their clients. The case studies are proof of this.

Indeed, this is one of the main reasons why you want to read case studies. You will better understand the results that the team was able to obtain for its clients. This shows them in action.

The sectors in which they can operate

When it comes to hiring a team for SEO, you will notice two types of agencies. You may have a general SEO agency or you may come across a specialist agency. This means that they only work with companies in certain sectors. Both options have their strengths. But, often, a general agency is the most effective because they have experience helping clients across all industries.

Therefore, case studies will give you an idea of ​​where the team achieved results. You can read about what they were able to do for this client and whether they worked in overloaded areas and were still able to achieve positive results.

Customer Feedback

Case studies can also include feedback from clients they have worked with. Indeed, if they appreciated the campaign and are satisfied with the results, they will not hesitate to say so. But they can also provide useful insight into their experience working with the team. Let’s be honest, business owners trust other business owners when they review a service they received. So you can read the comments from the customers themselves.

Hiring an SEO agency is a task that can take some time. But, once you find companies you like, that’s when you can dive into the case studies. You can compare them and see what they managed to do.