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What do you think of Wix, the platform dedicated to creating websites?

Arriving on the website publishing market in 2006, Wix pays particular attention to its image. Alongside Squarespace and other Site123, the platform offers here an alternative to WordPress accessible to beginners and carries out numerous communication campaigns. Laudatory comments about this direct competitor to Webnode and Jimdo are everywhere. To find out, we tested Wix and here’s what we think.

Are the reviews favorable?

OUR Wix reviews is favorable for many reasons (and it is justified!). We will first mention the 500 site templates accessible to users. Upon registration, they also have 500 MB to 50 GB of storage space. Accessible at the price of a good meal, the subscription gives access to a free domain name for the next 12 months. Since this is an Internet offer, you can exercise your right of withdrawal within 14 days following subscription.

Like other players present in this market, Wix wants to play the accessibility card. It offers a 100% free, no-obligation version of its platform. However, this free CMS comes with many restrictions. To take advantage of all the features of Wix, webmasters must subscribe to one of the packages offered. The premium plan will cost you around 40 euros per month.

50 million users and 26% additional turnover


The few figures on Wix’s activity speak for themselves. The SaaS solutions provider currently has 50 million users worldwide. Last year, its revenues jumped 26%. In any case, this joint stock company based in Tel Aviv is a leader in HTML5 publishing. The 150 million people who have already tried it seem to appreciate the possibility of creating a site from a visual interface, without ever having to touch the codes.

Since its creation, Wix has set itself the objective of offering an online service allowing you to edit a website without any hassle. The offer is based on templates, that is to say ready-to-use models made available to the user. A wide variety of tools are also deployed to help publishers from all backgrounds bring their projects to life.

Thumbs up for simplified creation

For the rest, the publisher must choose between the Wix ADI artificial intelligence and the classic creation tool. This second option allows them to manually select the template that meets their needs. If the user uses Wix ADI, they must answer a series of questions. Its responses are necessary to automatically select site features, fonts, graphic palette, etc. it remains possible to create or personalize a logo.

Wix ADI saves time. It offers examples of sites from which the user must decide. This artificial intelligence actually makes it possible to have an innovative design that takes into account user preferences. With the classic web editor, the webmaster maintains control of his project. Above all, he benefits from greater creative freedom. Customizations can be pushed to the maximum.

Creating a site

The Wix web editor offers a series of controls. The Multi-tab Menu allows you to manage various details of the future site. There are buttons for themes, background color, embedded apps, embedded media, and SEO essentials. Cutting into multiple strips helps the editor reorganize everything as they wish. The sections can be rearranged according to your wishes.

It is also possible to create a site from a template. This ready-to-use template just needs to be filled with elements such as textual content. The different customization tools are just a few clicks away. You just have to manipulate them to obtain the desired result. Wix templates have the knack of being modifiable as desired. After the changes, the model may sometimes be unrecognizable. If they think they have gone too far, the user can always restore an old version.

For the page to come to life, the user must add a few images or an entire gallery. It is also essential to integrate previously written texts. During personalization, you have to rework the Menu, the lists as well as the different grids. An HTM5 site can include an online store or a blog. Regarding the layout, you must launch a test and take action if the visual rendering does not seem convincing.

500 examples of design, but never spoiled for choice

Many Wix users prefer manual creation to the automated ADI tool. This is the shortest path to access the 500 templates. These designs are organized into categories. The user can choose according to their profile. The platform has particularly thought of service companies, e-retailers, bloggers, health and well-being professionals, etc. Specialists in fashion, tourism and those who practice a catering profession also have their own dedicated catalog.

If the categories do not allow you to find THE template you need, it is always possible to search differently. Displaying in alphabetical order may, for example, help if you vaguely know the name of the design. Regardless, ready-to-use site templates are mostly developed by professionals. They are attractive for generating traffic.

The template catalog is constantly updated on Wix. Web designers are bringing new models to allow users of the platform to stay up to date. To get an idea of ​​how a presentation will look, a preview for PC and mobile display is offered. From this viewing, simply press the “Modify” button to make the model your own.

Many tools just a click away

website creation on wix

Among the important tools on Wix, the theme manager is essential. It allows you to orchestrate the color palette and the different fonts for the H1, H2 or body text. This feature guarantees harmony. The essential toolbar also helps organize the elements to add to the template. The user will then be able to freely copy, paste, duplicate or delete anything they wish to manage.

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A real separate store, the Wix App Market is full of applications for personalizing a website. More than 200 extensions to make it more professional than ever are on sale. These tools are organized into categories. There are therefore plug-ins specific to e-commerce and Web marketing. Additional services, reservations and other integrated video are among the offerings. The latter are mostly paid, but free versions are also worth trying.

A simple press of the “Add” button allows you to integrate a plug-in purchased on Wix App Market. Implementation is done almost instantly. Obviously, this SaaS provider does everything to ensure that the creation and customization of a site is done in a few minutes. It takes less than an hour to complete the upload work from Wix. This time already includes testing and corrective actions.

2 or 3 small buttons that make the difference

Two buttons are of capital importance on Wix. When you edit your site on the platform, remember to view the preview. A single click lets you know if the pages are displayed correctly, especially from a mobile phone. Having a mobile friendly site is essential today to position yourself well on the Google search page. The other button is the record button. It validates the various modifications made to a template.

The “publish” button allows you to put your site online. First, you will have to sort out the accommodation details. Wix offers just this service and it is quality. Once you have paid the necessary subscription, everything is managed automatically. Please note that the domain name of your choice is suggested free of charge for the first year.

A site created on Wix takes the form: For a subscription, it is possible to personalize this URL. Various other à la carte services are also offered to webmasters. If necessary, it is always possible to contact a telephone advisor by telephone.

Customer service that always responds

wix support

Customer support is not particularly developed at Wix. The company has obviously preferred to concentrate on its core business by offering almost impeccable quality of service. In the event of a problem, you will have to be patient to be seen by an advisor. The technical teams are ready to provide solutions by telephone or email. Open during office hours, after-sales service is not responsive.

Wix’s “nonchalance” is understandable. The company of 2,480 employees prefers to give all its attention to paying customers, in this case those who have subscribed to a Business or VIP package. You must be in this range of offers to benefit from priority assistance. That said, all complaints are received, but with a different deadline depending on the customer’s subscription.

Each request is redirected to a specialist in the problem mentioned. The person who responds to a billing issue is not the same person who deals with computer bugs. In the event of a technical breakdown, after-sales service launches a test to diagnose the fault. If you lack patience, consider browsing the help center on the official website. This section includes guides in French and tutorials.

A preferential rate accessible to as many people as possible

wix prices

Let’s get to the heart of the matter: the price of the subscription on Wix. This SaaS service provider is positioned in the low average when it comes to prices. Despite many features offered, the platform prefers to deploy basic offers slightly below those of its main competitors. It should also be noted that the company is mainly targeting publishers and e-commerce stores who are new to their activities. At a minimum, you have to pay €5.50/month to be able to put a Wix site online and benefit from a free domain name for the year.

A free offer is available for those who want to try without paying anything. Their site will go live with several Wix ads. A banner will be above the Menu. Other advertising content will be pasted at the footer. The 500 MB storage space restricts the storefront to a few URLs. Moreover, the bandwidth is limited to 1 GB in free mode. This formula is tolerable for a personal blog without a lot of traffic.

Professionals often prefer to turn to the Basic pack at €10.50/month. Offering 3 GB of storage space and 2 GB of bandwidth, it is suitable for start-ups. The latter will quickly have to migrate to the Unlimited formula at €15/month when business starts. It takes 10 GB of space to display a merchandise catalog. Traffic remains fluid with more bandwidth. Help tools such as Site Booster and Visitor Analytics are offered free of charge. At some point, growth pushes towards the VIP subscription of €29/month and its 35 GB of capacity.

Tailor-made offer for the greatest happiness of e-retailers

Many e-commerce sites have adopted Wix. The SaaS provider appeals to them with low-cost offers adapted to their needs. The company has notably established its Stores. It is a full-fledged platform where the publisher can manage the merchandise catalog, orders as well as sales. The company took particular care of the presentation.

On Wix Store, a dashboard allows you to manage the products on sale. Information such as name, price, description are clearly displayed. The e-merchant will be able to communicate on available stock and other details. One thing is certain, a virtual store on Wix has advanced features. During sales periods, the reduction is added in just a few clicks. It is even possible to integrate dropshipping tools.

E-commerce sites under Wix have the choice between PayPal, Square and Stripe. The platform also has its own in-house solution. For those who want to get started in online sales, the premium plan is highly recommended. The VIP pack at €42/month seems to be correct for a store that will bring in a hundred times that per day. With the free offer, the site is displayed, but will not contain any redirection link to finalize orders.

Verdict on Wix, the site creation platform

Our opinion of Wix tends to be rather positive. With 16 years of experience, the website builder enjoys a certain notoriety. After the test, we understand why publishers give it so much respect. Its wide choice of templates and its artificial intelligence dedicated to editing are really worth the detour. The Wix App Market store is also worth a visit. The quality-price ratio is there with high-end offers for less than 45 euros/month. The only regret would be the lack of enthusiasm of customer service. Then, the free mode is quite simply… “undrinkable”.