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What is Neko Sama’s new official address in [month] [year]?

Platform dedicated to cartoons, Naeko Sama no longer needs to be introduced to fans of free streaming. Because of its activity outside of respecting copyright, this site must regularly change its domain name. If you are looking to know his current address, we will tell you right here.

Presentation of Neko Sama for beginners

Neko Sama is less well known than general streaming sites. It does not have the popularity of Vostfree or zone-download. On the other hand, true anime fans have been following this platform since the beginning of its adventure in the world of Internet publishing. It has become a reference in manga. This is the door to push for viewing great classics such as “Naruto” or “Full Metal Alchemist”.

Despite its Japanese-sounding name, Neko Sama is indeed a French site. Its catalog is mainly made up of anime already in French. Entertainment in original version with subtitles (VOST) is also available from the very long list of choices. The episodes on the shelves are regularly updated. The editor mainly uploads new releases in full HD. Whatever the definition of the image, know that animated series are particularly addictive.

The official address of the streaming site, you can connect to Neko Sama from this URL. Until proven otherwise, this is the only web portal to this content provider. This type of platform regularly changes address due to non-compliance with intellectual property laws. The rights holders and the competent authorities are working to ensure that they close after a while. Telecommunications operators also target them in their filter.

So, you should be able to have fun on, until the domain name changes. This site has the merit of going unnoticed. This is because manga studios are more tolerant than film production houses. Another detail: the platform was so successful that sites with similar names began to imitate it. The difference: the real Neko Sama does not ask for any payment and does not insistently try to sell you a service or product.

Simple procedure for watching anime on the platform

The interface is very simple. The home page has been organized to facilitate access to hundreds of anime in just a few clicks. The available titles are classified into several sections. Among the latest entries, you have “Deaimon”, “RPG Fudoushan”, “Birdi Wings, golf girls story”. You will even be able to discover the 1045th episode of the animated series “Detective Conan”. This manga version of Sherlock Holmes has been on screens since 1994.

For each content, the publisher took the trouble to give the keywords, the synopsis, the release date as well as the format and episode number. To stream directly, you must click on the anime poster and accept the unblocking of advertisements. These announcements bring Neko Sama to life. Each visitor must have the patience to view some of them. It is sometimes necessary to press the “X” button on a pop-up window so that it closes.

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The question of legality

With the exception of sites linked to television channels, platforms offering free streaming do not pay anything to manga rights holders. So, every time you watch an anime on this site, you are participating in reprehensible distribution. No law prohibits illicit viewing if you are a simple consumer. It is mainly the publishers of the distribution platforms who are breaking in.

Since it mainly concerns mangas, Neko Sama has always benefited from the leniency of the rights holders of animated films or series. Things are more complicated on the Hollywood studio side. A free streaming site publisher has already received a prison sentence and a large fine. That said, platforms offering this type of activity always end up reappearing under another name.

No risk for the Internet user

When you watch anime on Neko Sama, you contribute to a system parallel to legal SVODs. On the other hand, French law does not provide for any prosecution of Internet users who are fond of pirated products. In addition, illicit streaming is a mode of consumption that almost everyone uses. The legal framework established by Hadopi focuses on sites that directly upload content protected by copyright. The authorities just recommend that Internet service providers (ISPs) block streaming platforms.

To stream with peace of mind, you should consider subscribing to a VPN service. This is a service that allows your browsing to be completely incognito. The anti-piracy squad, ISPs or hackers will not see what you are watching or visiting. A subscription of a few euros allows you to surf from a modified IP address. Another method to bypass filters is to change proxy. Tutorials explain the procedure to follow.

Possible alternatives to Neko Sama

There are various reasons that may prevent you from logging into Neko Sama. It is also possible that the title you are looking for is not there. In these cases, there are different options to explore. You should particularly think about subscribing to paid platforms. The monthly subscription is a few euros on Netflix, ADN or Cruncyroll. These are sites suggesting manga or cartoons in the original version with subtitles and in French. What they have in common is that they broadcast videos on demand with respectable image quality.

If you need non-paid platforms, you should try Vostfree. It is a reference in terms of streaming in France. It devotes its entire catalog to anime, the majority of which are in Japanese version with subtitles. This site is indeed free, but its home page evokes an excellent level of professionalism. In the same vein, there is Mavanimes who sometimes abuses advertising. Finally, is yet another option that you should try.