What is the new official address of Bambip in [month] [year]?

Less known than Wiflix and the usual streaming addresses, Bambip offers free access to the latest cinema releases. In addition to Marvel blockbusters and Oscar-nominated feature films, this site suggests great classics of the 7th art. This article gives you the URL and everything you need to know about this streaming platform.

Bambip, the right address for films, series and animated films

Little known to the general public, Bambip is a streaming site deploying various content. Its catalog consists of films, series, but also anime of all kinds. The platform uses the same model as the Download Zone or The Pirate Bay. In violation of copyright law, it tends to change its domain name quite frequently. Before being called Bambip, she became known as Afzor.

The previous streaming site closed due to complaints filed by rights holders with the competent authorities. Reappearing with another address, it continues to offer a wide choice of films, documentaries, series, music videos and animations. The entertainment is sometimes in French, but the most recent remain in the original version with subtitles (VOSTFR). Some of them are even in high definition (HD).

If you are wondering what are the good reasons to opt for this portal rather than another, know that Bambip is easy to use. The platform regularly updates its media library. In addition to watching, it is also possible to download the film or series of your choice. To do this, you need to use the Video Donwloader tool or its equivalent Jdownloader.

An easy-to-use free streaming site

In order to take full advantage of Bambip’s entertainment catalog, you should know the exact address. This URL must be copied or entered in the bar intended for it on your browser. The home page already includes the different sections. All you have to do is choose the type of files you need. The content is displayed in chronological order, but you can search through the archives with ease.

Simplified accessibility characterizes Bambip. This site saves you the restrictive step of registration. It does not require any payment. It doesn’t even force you to take part in a game or lottery. If a similar-sounding platform asks you for these rewards, it is better to be wary of it. Indeed, clone sites are put online with the aim of extorting money from you or selling you something.

Bambip’s business model is essentially based on advertising. However, ads are relatively moderate with this content provider. You will not be bothered by popups that appear while watching a good movie. This entertainment in question is accessible in a few clicks, even if the site does not host it directly. Technically, it is a directory that offers redirection links to servers that manage the flows.

URL subject to change

Unless modified, the official address of the download site is Recently, rumors have been circulating that the site could change host again. It might become VOPLAV. So, you can now try from the link or The domain name is never permanent when it comes to streaming sites.

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Platforms offering content subject to copyright are forced to change their name to escape justice. For good reason, the films they broadcast belong to film studios or production houses which have spent millions of euros on the production and exploitation of the works. They still need to make their investment profitable.

Bambip, alias, is not the only one to be in the sights of the authorities. When a streaming site openly offers films such as “Thor: Love and Thunder” to Internet users, this creates shortfalls for Marvel. The latter can then take legal action to have the platform placed under digital seal or excluded from your Internet service provider. To bypass blocking, you need a VPN. A proxy can also help.

Access the site through a VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network. It is a protective tunnel that anonymizes everything you do on the Internet. The service is paid, but its cost remains lower than a Netflix or Amazon Prime Video subscription. You will be able to subscribe to this type of service at a price of between €2 and €6. You will benefit from a significant discount with an annual commitment.

Subscribing to a VPN allows you to access blocked sites such as Bambip. A whole catalog of popular films and recent series opens before you. Above all, you have the certainty of remaining anonymous about what you do on the Web. No one will know the details of your navigations. This could be an illicit streaming address, a charming site or something else.

By visiting Bambip or its successor, you are contributing to a parallel system that goes against the Arcom law. This legal framework governs the distribution of content subject to copyright on the Internet. Unless done on public media portals like Mytf1, free streaming is an illegal activity. On the other hand, using a VPN is not. It is even a legitimate protection device.

Alternative paid sites to

There is a good chance that this platform will change its name. All you have to do is find out about its new name. If you think the site is simply inaccessible, relax, there are other alternative solutions. The best would be to consume audiovisual content legally. Among the most recommended paid video on demand (SVOD) sites are:

  • Disney+ is the place to watch Marvel and Star Wars science fiction films. The subscription is €9 per month. The contents are in 4K quality.
  • Canal+ remains the most complete legal streaming site at the moment. The average monthly rate is €20, but there are different plans, including sports options.
  • Netflix is ​​getting a lot of attention at the moment. This SVOD produces its own films and series exclusively. Like “Man vs Bee” with Rowan Atkinson, recent titles really deserve the €9/month subscription.
  • Amazon Prime Video has the advantage of being the cheapest of all. Jeff Bezos’ team only asks for €6 monthly subscription for cult series.

Free alternative platforms to Bambip

Among the most popular free streaming sites at the moment, there are:

  • StreamComplete: its catalog is particularly provided with very practical classifications.
  • rip which you will find at the address is popular with movie buffs who love blockbusters made in Hollywood.
  • Https:// has appeared since January 2022. Although recent, it offers interesting feature films without opening an account.
  • Https:// is also worth the detour with its 15,000 films and 1,800 series. It is a very reputable illegal streaming site.