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What is the new official address of Channel Stream in [month] [year]

Champions League, Ligue 1, World Cup, Grand Slam or even Roland Garos, these are sporting events that interest many of us. But few people are willing to spend a lot of money to have access to it. Some have found a cheaper or even free alternative: Channel Stream. Explanations!

In recent years, streaming has gained popularity, especially in France. Several streaming sites then appeared, each offering varied content. Some have specialized in the broadcasting of films and series, while others have opted for a particular field: sport. Whatever your needs, you will have access to it for free on a streaming site. If you are a sports lover, Channel Stream is the one you must visit. It is also a reference in terms of sporting events, from football to tennis, including basketball and Rugby.

What is Channel Stream?

Major sporting events broadcast by renowned channels are available on Channel Stream. Which allows you to enjoy live transmission of almost all matches of the NBA, Champions League, Formula 1 Grand Prix, boxing, UFC, etc.

And the most important thing is that visitors do not have to pay a cent to access the content of the site. Everything is free and registration is not required.

How does Channel Stream work?

Once on the Channel Stream home page, you come across an interface of unrivaled simplicity, which is very easy to use. However, some users complain about pop-up advertising windows that appear before watching a match. Faced with this, the site offers a page dedicated to FAQs to help visitors bypass advertisements, but also to fully enjoy the site’s content on a PC, smartphone or tablet.

For the most demanding, Channel Stream has the particularity of making important information on each event available to users. Otherwise, as for the advertisements, they are still reasonable, which provides a better user experience.

Here is the new official address of Channel Stream

If you are reading this article, it is because you can no longer access Channel Stream from the old URL. If the site is inaccessible, it is due to a blockage from the authorities, or a change of address made by the creators and administrators of the site. In any case, you should not be discouraged. Channel Stream is still accessible, the designers thought of us and gave us the new official address:

We would like to remind you that fake sites or copies of Channel Stream are circulating on the web. To make sure you are surfing the right site, do not hesitate to return to this page. Our articles are regularly updated and you may discover, in the event of a change, the new Channel Stream address.

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The solution to bypass blockages

As mentioned above, there are days when Channel Stream is inaccessible due to blockages. Particularly in France, where authorities closely monitor free streaming sites. The best solution to adopt is to use a VPN. This will allow you to access the site using another IP address from another country outside France. Furthermore, a VPN is also necessary to prevent tracking carried out by ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

Is Channel Stream legal or not?

A person who watches or downloads videos on streaming sites knows that he or she is using a site that offers content protected by copyright. So you should definitely know that Channel Stream is illegal. The price of broadcasting a match is extremely expensive. It is almost impossible to offer free distribution, unless you create an illegal site. As for Channel Stream, it doesn’t pay anything and doesn’t charge any pennies from users. Everything is free, you don’t even need to register on the site to access the content.

It is therefore clear that this is not a legal site. This is why it is necessary to change your address regularly. Rights holders, as well as the authorities, do not appreciate streaming sites, it is better to be careful and use a few tips to avoid suffering the consequences.

Risks to take when connecting to Channel Stream

Logically, when you surf on an illegal site, there are risks to take. But on a sports streaming site, the risks are rather slim. We still recommend using a VPN or proxy to hide your identity on the web. You also need to be careful with advertisements. Some of them are quite intrusive and could infect your computer. Avoid at all costs the installation of software or a tool from an advertising banner. Finally, never provide your personal information on this type of site.

Alternatives to Channel Stream

Sometimes you can’t find the match you’re looking for on any site. If by chance you are unable to watch a sporting event, whatever the reason (blocking or closure of the site), you always have other solutions. Alternatives exist if you are having problems connecting to Channel Stream.

First of all, we recommend platforms or channels that offer legal, but paid, offers. Notably BeIN Sports, RMC Sport, Canal+ and France Télévision. These are sites accessible whether on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone.

In second place, we find Streamons Sports, a streaming site offering real-time broadcast of numerous sporting events. The image quality is very good and the catalog is very rich.

There is also MessiTV, whose official address is, a site which broadcasts a good number of sports matches for free and in real time. Most of the matches broadcast concern football. Little tip: if you surf on MessiTV, don’t forget to deactivate your ad blocker.

To finish this article in style, we present to you FootLive, a reference site for streaming major sporting events. On the program: football, basketball, rugby and handball matches. The site interface is not very nice to look at. But regarding its content, there is nothing to say.