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What is the new official address of French Stream in [month] [year]?

French Stream is one of the alternative video-on-demand sites to paid solutions Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+. This platform allows you to see the most recent cinema releases without paying anything. Such an entertainment portal can be quite difficult to find. We give you the official URL and much more.

French Stream, streaming site with a very complete catalog

As its name suggests, French Stream is a content provider that streams films and series. The platform offers this service completely free of charge. In exchange, you will have to view advertising. This is the way all illicit video sites operate. Indeed, the practice is an infringement of French laws on intellectual property. However, you have nothing to lose.

It is more the publisher of the Web portal who takes all the risks by broadcasting recent cinematographic works such as “Thor: Love and Thunder” or “Shark Bay”. American series like “Chicago Police Department” are also on the bill. There is even “Friends: The Reunion”. This final sequel to a cult 90s soap opera has just been unveiled by HBO.

By surfing French Stream, you will have the chance to discover new releases freshly screened in dark rooms in French (VF). From time to time, the site suggests original versions (VO), that is to say in English, but with subtitles in the language of Molière (VOSTFR). So, whether you prefer action cinema, comedy, animation or horror masterpieces, this platform has everything you need.

Unique official address, but subject to change

Before giving you the exact address of French Stream, it would be wise to explain to you the reasons why the site regularly changes URL. By offering free films such as “Jurassic World: The World After” or “Master IP Man: The Awaking,” the platform is committing an offense. It goes beyond the Arcom law which governs the distribution of content on the Internet. This legal framework protects in particular entertainment subject to copyright. Practicing illegal activity, the site may be blocked by the authorities. This even happens regularly. When this measure falls, a URL change is necessary.

Unless modified, French Streaming is accessible via the link From this address, you can quickly view fiction such as “Rubikon” in VOSTFR and with 1080p image quality. Lovers of romance can also choose the film “Dangerous Liaisons”. For children, there is “The Sea Monster”, an animated feature film that is worth the detour.

If you are having trouble connecting to French Stream, you may be on the wrong site. It may be a platform that uses an almost similar domain name, but with another host. There are in particular, or What they have in common is that they are obsolete and inactive. It also happens that your Internet service provider has a blockade. In this case, the best option would be to purchase a VPN solution. For a few euros a year, you can lead an incognito digital life. You will even be able to change your IP address.

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Free, easy-to-use video-on-demand platform

The content offered on French Stream is completely free, but subject to one condition. You should register and open a subscriber account to be able to access the entire media library. This formality leads to a wide variety of films, series and cartoons. Fans of “One Piece” and “Salaryman’s Club” will be in heaven. There are even documentaries for fans of the genre.

After registering, you can immediately start your streaming session. Simply click on the poster of the film that interests you. For each title, there is the official cover (the poster for cinemas), the language (VF-VOSTFR) and the definition (720p-1080p). On the content page, you have more details about it, including the synopsis, director, release date, cast, etc.

The media can be launched automatically. However, you can also choose the reader you need. The editors of offer Hydrax, Streamlare, Streamtape, Waaw, UpStream, etc. These tools read in high definition in HDTV format (1280 x 720 pixels). For more quality, leave the default setting on HDVIP which broadcasts the video stream in Full HD (2 million pixels per image).

Be careful with free streaming sites

The French Stream address changes regularly for legality reasons. This situation benefits mirror sites which ride the wave of popularity of These copiers use an identical domain name to lure Internet users. They promise free films and series, but also engage in questionable practices. For example, they sometimes extort money from the most gullible visitors.

Sometimes, the Internet user actually accesses a film available in streaming. However, a virus could interfere with the stream during viewing. This type of technique is commonly used by hackers to set up a botnet network. At some point, hackers take control of the computers on which they have slipped malware.

To avoid any danger, it is better to invest in a paid VPN service. This private virtual network is a digital tunnel that hides your online exchanges. Neither Internet service provider, nor the authorities and even less pirates will know any details about your browsing. Your anonymity is fully respected. It will even be possible to bypass channels that practice geographic restriction. Among the best providers at the moment are NordVPN, SurfsharkVPN, AtlasVPN, ExpressVPN and ProtonVPN.