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What is the new official address of Ivmox in [month] [year]?

Maybe you are reading this looking for a good address for free streaming. If you are looking for a platform that offers recent movies without requiring a subscription, Ivmox could be your answer. In addition to the currently active URL, we invite you to discover everything there is to know about this site.

Ivmox, THE streaming site with a richly varied catalog

Although it is less popular than The Pirate Bay or Download Zone, Ivmox does not have to envy them in terms of the richness of the catalog. The free streaming site offers new releases still showing in cinemas. Currently, the biopic “Elvis”, the French comedy “The Perfect Man” and the science fiction “Dune” are on display. Cartoon fans will also appreciate recent releases such as “Buzz Lightyear” and “Minions: Once Upon a Gru”.

Series fans are not left out on Ivmox. The platform has popular American productions. In the soap opera department, you have “Ritcher”, a thriller from the eponymous trilogy carried by Tom Cruise. In this spin-off, Allan Richton takes on the role of the unpredictable spy. The catalog also includes “Orelsan: never show this to anyone”. It’s a documentary series about the rapper who had the audacity to refuse a featuring with BigFlo and Oli.

A platform accessible on mobile and PC

In addition to its very well-stocked media library, Ivmox has the merit of being a mobile friendly streaming site. It displays correctly on any media, regardless of screen size. Those who surf the Internet from an entry-level Smartphone will be able to take advantage of it very well. They will be able to fully access the entire catalog. The mobile user will then be able to watch an episode of “Squid Game” on their phone during their journey to school or the office. Indeed, it is possible to download the file for later offline viewing.

Without asking you for a single euro, Ivmox suggests you discover the best entertainment of the moment on any connected medium (4G/5G/wifi/fiber). You will just have to choose the quality according to the number of pixels available on the screen. On a television of 32 inches or more, for example, it is better to favor content in HD or Full HD definition. The publisher specifies the graphic quality on each media. Images can be 720p or 1080p. The sound is also in Dolby stereo or from time to time in immersive 3D.

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One of the best streaming sites

The creation of Ivmox dates back to 2018. The site has set itself the mission of being an entertainment platform for the whole family. There is nothing to pay, except the cost of the connection and popcorn for the cinema sessions. With films like “James Bond: Dying Can Wait” or “Trolls 2: World Tournament”, young and old are in for a treat. However, there is a technical detail to remember.

Ivmox is not a conventional broadcaster in the style of Netflix, Disney+ or OCS. This platform practices illegal activity by offering films and series subject to copyright. Production houses and studios take a dim view of the fact that the platform offers works that would normally have to be paid for completely free. As a result, the site may be blocked by the authorities. It also happens that Internet access providers (ISPs) block it. Therefore, its URL is subject to change at any time.

The current address to access films and series

In the crosshairs of rights holders of popular films and series, Ivmox sometimes finds itself obliged to change host and domain name. This is a recurring situation for free streaming sites. The latter, or rather their publishers, risk a prison sentence and a fine by persisting in maintaining the same address even though it is closed by court decision. In any case, you can continue to watch your favorite feature films and series at the URL:

Unless there is a last minute change, this platform is open to French Internet users and the rest of the world. It remains accessible from any PC or mobile browser. Concretely, it is a directory site. It does not directly host video streams so as not to completely transgress French legislation. The contents are located on servers outside French jurisdiction.

Use a VPN for Safe Viewing

By connecting to, you are about to access a huge catalog of content. The site redirects you to another server that provides you with the video itself. This process can be blocked by the authorities, filtered by your ISP or intercepted by hackers. To ensure your digital security, it is better to use a VPN. The virtual private network is a kind of tunnel that makes your interactions on the Web completely anonymous.

For around 3 euros per month, you will be sure to have a secure digital life. This subscription entitles you to a service pack, including the possibility of using an IP address of your choice. This approach gives you the opportunity to connect to geographically restricted sites. This is the case for certain American or English media which limit their distribution to nationals. It also happens that VPNs offer you an ad blocker and other services. Enjoy streaming on Ivmox!