What is the new official address of Time2Watch in [month] [year]?

If you live in France, know that you will have access to many free streaming sites. But sometimes they are blocked by authorities or internet service providers. If you are reading this article, it is because you are looking for solutions to be able to connect to one of them in particular: Time2Watch. Unfortunately, the site was closed in 2020, but today it is accessible from a new address.

If there is one thing that has marked the history of the French web, it is streaming and free download sites. Time2Watch, for its part, has taken a front row seat among Internet users. This is thanks to the quality content it offers, but also because of the richness of its videos. But why was the site forced to close? Why is it no longer accessible today? Stay until the end of the article, we tell you everything about the closure and the new address of Time2Watch.

What is Time2Watch?

Like other streaming sites, Time2Watch couldn’t help but throw in ads and pop-ups. But compared to its competitors, it seems to be reasonable on this point. Furthermore, the most recent films and series were accessible free of charge on the site, which particularly appealed to a very large French audience.

According to the creators of Time2Watch, the hunt for streaming sites pushed them to make an almost hasty decision. Indeed, the fight against rights holders, as well as the authority, led to the closure of the site. This is the main reason which pushed the creators and administrators of the site to no longer invest in the development and maintenance of Time2Watch online.

Today, the site is accessible again. But is it a copy or a new version of Time2Watch put online by the administrators of the original site?

A new address for Time2Watch?

Still according to the creators of Time2Watch, after the closure of the site, it would no longer be accessible. So until today, they have not communicated the new address of the site which was previously accessible from Time2Watch.gg. We are not yet able to give you the new address of Time2Watch. “All sites that look like ours are copies that have only one goal: to empty your wallet. So, be careful,” they added in a press release.

If you are reading this article, you should have found links leading to one or more copies of Time2Watch, with extensions like “.io” or “.site”. Except that these are only copies and banal versions which can cause your PC to malfunction. The best thing to do in this case is to avoid logging into these sites. This is because some of these sites don’t even have any content, and others will ask you to pay or install malware. Whatever happens, rest assured! We will give you trusted alternatives a little later so you can watch and download your movies and series safely.

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Is Time2Watch legal or not?

Like all free streaming sites, Time2watch, as well as its use, are illegal under copyright law. What then is the direct consequence of this non-compliance with the legislation?

The judicial authorities and rights holders only want sites such as Time2watch to be closed. They have in fact turned to DNS blocking the site, deindexing Time2watch on search engines. Some time later, the site experienced a 20% reduction in traffic. Which, once again, motivated the creators of the site to close it permanently.

Due to these factors, it is always necessary to use a VPN before logging into sites like Time2Watch. This is to avoid tracking, but also to hide your identity on the web. A complaint was also filed in 2020 before the Paris court, following a procedure launched by the FNEF (National Federation of Film Editors), accompanied by the SEVN (Digital Video Publishing Union, ‘UPC (Union of Cinema Producers) and the CNC (National Cinema Center) All this to say that there are many risks if you connect, watch and download content on free streaming sites.

As for the administrators of Time2Watch, they announced that the financial advantages did not really work in their favor. Money was just a problem for them.

Alternatives to Time2Watch

Time2Watch is offline, you can no longer access it, even using a proxy or VPN. So what would be the alternatives to watch or download a film or series for free, without having to spend a penny?

You can turn to legal offers, but obviously paying. Platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, OCS, Disney+ and Canal+ offer catalogs adapted to the needs of everyone, men and women, young and old. The advantage with these platforms is that they have a neat interface and functionality allowing you to discover content that may interest you, whether for films or series.

There are also free streaming sites which, in the majority of cases, are illegal. But there are always users who avoid paying a single cent at all costs to have access to a variety of films and series. But as the risks are high, we cannot advise you to use this type of site. The least we can do is give you some addresses. It’s up to you afterwards if you want to visit them, despite our warnings. If this is essential for you, then don’t forget to use a VPN in order to protect your identity, but also to avoid the collection of personal data.

VoirFilm, accessible from https://www.voirfilms.work, is the first streaming site that we invite you to discover. The videos available on the site are of very good quality. For a better user experience, we advise you to watch your films or series on a PC, a tablet or on your TV.

Furthermore, you can go to the official French Stream website (http://french-streaming.org/). The site offers an expanded catalog of films in original version, French version and subtitled version.

JuilletAnd then finally, there is Wiflix whose official address is https://wiflix.land/, one of the best streaming sites in France since 2021. This is a streaming site whose catalog includes several thousand pieces of content, films and series combined.2024