What is the new official address of Vostfree in [month] [year]?

Attention fans of streaming and illegal downloading! The Vostfree site is back in force with a new address. It is also a reference in terms of anime streaming in France.

There are now many sites offering content to download. For fans of series, films, video games or music, there are many download sites available to them. But when it comes to anime, it is sometimes difficult to find a site with varied content. Vostfree is one of the rare anime sites available on the web.

What is Vostfree?

Vostfree is a name that includes both “vost” and “free”. As its name suggests, Vostfree is a streaming site that offers free content in the original subtitled version (vost). If you are hoping to find the latest blockbusters, or even the most popular series of the moment, browsing Vostfree is not the solution. It is a streaming site exclusively dedicated to anime, both for the latest releases, but also for those that are trendy.

One of the particularities of Vostfree is the possibility of viewing a variety of content on your TV or on your PC in just a few clicks. It also offers downloadable content. Access to the site can be done from a computer or on your smartphone. But we recommend mobile browsing to limit the appearance of advertisements.

How does Vostfree work?

How Vostfree works is quite simple. All you have to do is enter the official address of the site in your browser and you will have access, from the home page, to new releases and trendy anime. The latest content added, as well as the top anime in VOST and VOSTFR are listed on the same page, but a little lower.

Vostfree’s interface is quite intuitive and its content is very easy to distinguish. It also offers a filtering and sorting system to make it easier to find your favorite anime or animated film. Small downside, you will have to deal with a good number of advertising screens before being able to view content.

Enjoy your favorite anime in VF or Vostfr on vostfree

With a varied catalog and rich content, vostfree offers fans of anime and animated films high quality Animevf and animevostfr, from the oldest to the most recent. Notably Naruto Boruto, One Piece or even SNK.

New animated series are also available on Vostfree. To discover the content, you can consult the description which is displayed for each anime. That is to say its rating, its release date, its broadcast date, its quality and the studio that produced the film.

Is Vostfree legal?

It is with regret that we announce that Vostfree is an illegal streaming site. It is prohibited to distribute content protected by copyright for free. But other video platforms like Netflix can offer this kind of content. They operate completely legally, except that access is paid, unlike streaming sites like Vostfree. In summary, if you prefer to watch your favorite anime on free streaming sites, be aware that you too risk being attacked by rights holders.

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For some, doing without sites such as Vostfree is unimaginable. At the same time, certain content is blocked in France. So, remember that this site does not comply with the law and if you use it, it is at your own risk. We can therefore only advise you to avoid using this type of site.

The new official address of Vostfree

In countries that have copyright laws, sites like Vostfree are illegal. To this end, the creators of the site are obliged to regularly change their address in order to escape the authorities. In order to be able to follow changes and to stay up to date, you need to stay informed about updates and modifications made by the creators of the site.

Until today, only one address is available to access Vostfree: vostfree.tv. If you notice any changes, please return to this site to ensure that the address has not changed. Otherwise, a message appears at the top of the site to confirm that you are at the correct address. You can also bookmark it to avoid having to retype it every time you want to spend a few hours viewing on the site.

We would still like to remind you that no message such as “register” or “please enter your bank card number” should appear. Otherwise, it could be a copy or fake site that aims to defraud you.

Access Vostfree using a VPN

Due to the hunt for streaming sites, it is possible that in certain countries, in France in particular, Vostfree is inaccessible. The blocking established by the authorities may in fact prevent you from accessing the site. In this case, changing your DNS can help you gain access to Vostfree.

Otherwise, you can also bypass the blocking by using a VPN. This is to make the authorities believe that you are accessing Vostfree from another country where the site is not blocked.

Alternatives to Vostfree

If, however, the site remains inaccessible despite your temptations, there are other alternatives to Vostfree. These sites also offer downloadable content and anime available for streaming. Among other things, you can go to toonanime.cc or Voiranime to access content to download or stream. We also find Mavanime, a real reference site because of the richness of its content, but also thanks to its catalog of anime available in VF or VOSTFR.

Why is the old address no longer accessible?

Due to its illegality, Vostfree is forced to regularly change its address. This is why users often come across links that no longer work or display error messages. Moreover, downloading content from a site such as Vostfree is likely to be punished by the ARCOM law, since it involves downloading content distributed illegally.

To avoid risks and to fully enjoy your favorite likes, it is better to hide your IP address by using a VPN. This will allow you to be untraceable and prevent the authorities from tracking you down.