What type of association should I work in?

Despite the negative impact that covid-19 has had on associations, France still has nearly 1.5 million in activity. These organizations being very active, you can work there to contribute to the well-being of society while having an optimal income. You can also create an associative structure yourself. Discover the different types of association that exist.

Associations to help people with disabilities

There are various associations to help people with disabilities. Each of them has varied missions.

The Association of Paralyzed People of France

associationgoverned by the law of July 1, 1901. It has been recognized as being of public utility. It manages many establishments (nearly 300) and offers medico-social services subsidized by the government.

The Association for Disabled Adults and Young People

Since 1962, the APAJH (Association for Adults and Young People with Disabilities) has campaigned for an inclusive society, which respects the rights of people with disabilities. This 1901 law association was recognized as being of public utility in 1974. It is based on 3 main values: solidarity, citizenship and secularism. This association helps people of different ages (children, adolescents, adults) to integrate into professional and social life. It has more than 14,000 employees and supports more than 30,000 people in more than 650 establishments and services.

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The Association of Life Accidents

The FNATH (Life Accident Association) was created in 1921 with the main mission of defending the rights of people who have suffered an accident during their personal or professional life (falls, burnout, etc.). Just like other associations, it is recognized as being of public utility and brings comfort to disabled people and invalids. To succeed in its mission, the FNATH carries out awareness-raising operations to draw public attention to the dangers of road, work, domestic and medical accidents. In addition, she intercedes with public authorities to promote the rights and citizenship of vulnerable people. The FNATH continues its actions in complete independence thanks to the contributions of its members and the endowments of its 25,000 employees.

The National Union of Associations of Parents, People with Mental Disabilities and Their Friends

Unapei (National Union of Associations of Parents, People with Mental Disabilities and their Friends) is the first federation of associations in France whose mission is to defend the rights of people with mental disabilities and those of their families. . Created in 1960 in accordance with the provisions of the law of July 1, 1901, it has more than 550 associations and manages more than 3,000 establishments and medico-social services throughout France. It has been recognized as being of public utility for its social actions and benefits from subsidies from the French government.

Associations to help the most deprived

Charities provide relief and assistance to people in financial difficulty. There are many charities.

The Emmaüs association

Emmaüs Solidarité helps people in very precarious situations. To achieve this, it targets those who are on the streets, unemployed and in very insecure housing. It was founded by Abbé Pierre on March 17, 1954 and was recognized as an association of general interest on July 14, 2009. Emmaüs operates thanks to the recovery of objects (furniture, paintings, high-tech) which it repairs. and resells to the public. This Non-profit organization welcomes more than 2,000 people in more than 65 structures located mostly in Paris and Île-de-France. It has more than 766 employees and 480 volunteers. Since 2010, the Emmaüs association has benefited from OACAS status (community reception and solidarity activities organizations).

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The French Red Cross

With a budget of more than a billion euros, the French Red Cross (CRF) is the largest humanitarian aid association in France. It is an association under the 1901 law and was recognized as being of public utility in 1945. It was founded on May 25, 1864 with the main objective of assisting people in difficulty. The FIU is the largest humanitarian movement in the world and has more than 53,000 volunteers and 17,700 employees on French territory. To help those who are in precarious situations, the French Red Cross undertakes several actions (food, financial, clothing aid, fight against social exclusion, etc.). This association also benefits from the financial and material support of several institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

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Catholic Relief

Secours Catholique is an association created on September 8, 1946 by Father Jean Rodhain. This 1901 law association generally helps poor people or people excluded from social life. Recognized as being of public utility in 1962, it also provides support for different actions around the world in various situations (humanitarian emergencies, political crises, etc.). To achieve its objective, Catholic relief undertakes several actions:

  • school support,
  • employment assistance,
  • integration and microcredit,
  • caring for the homeless,
  • the fight against energy poverty…

For its operations, the association also has an annual budget of 338 million euros. It is made up of 60,000 volunteers, 900 employees and 500,000 donors.

French Popular Relief

With an annual budget of 314 million, Secours populaire français is the third largest social aid association behind the French Red Cross and Secours catholique. She was declared to the Paris police headquarters on January 29, 1945 and fought against poverty in all its forms. This association undertakes several social actions which make it possible tohelp people in need and promotes :

  • access to care,
  • access to and maintenance in clean housing,
  • respect for rights,
  • welcoming people in difficulty…

This association has more than 80,000 volunteers and helps more than 3.9 million people in France and abroad.

Cultural or artistic associations

A cultural and artistic association generally has the mission of promoting culture through events, shows, social activities, etc. The sectors concerned are the visual arts, theater, dance, cinema, audiovisual. There is a wide range of cultural and artistic associations.

The Ne Pas Plier association

The Ne Pas Plier association (the international one closest to you) brings together artists, semiologists, graphic designers, sociologists and social educators. It was created in 1991 and aims toaddress social issues (exclusion, education, dialogue, popular struggles) through visual expression. Every two years it organizes a festival which brings together more than 300 people for 3 days. This helps create the emergence of a more productive social dialogue.

The association for the international French-speaking distribution of books, works and magazines

Created in November 1985 by former minister Xavier Deniau, the main objective of this association is to promote and spread the French language through reading. Through its actions, it promotesliteracy, schooling, education and equality between girls and boys. To carry out its missions, the association benefits from public and private partnerships.

The French Federation of Cinema and Video

The FFCV (French Federation of Cinema and Video) brings together around a hundred clubs and workshops. Founded in 1933, its main purpose is to promote and develop the creation of cinematographic works. In addition to being governed by the law of July 1, 1901, this association is approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports on May 20, 1950. She was recognized as being of public utility on October 4, 2007 for her cultural works.