What will become of Numericable’s offers in 2022?

Disappeared from the radar since 2015, Numericable raises many questions among the general public. For a time, this company offered much more than television channels. It provided access to affordable mobile plans. Please note, however, that despite its disappearance, some subscribers are still taking advantage of its offers. Here’s how.

Brief history of Numericable

Numericable was historically created in 1995 at the initiative of Lyonnaise des Eaux. The latter then created “Paris Cable” which would later become Lyonnaise Cable. It had already started to set up a cable network which will allow hundreds of thousands of homes to have cable television.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Lyonnaise Cable gave way to Noos. More resources were thus deployed to expand the network. If this only covered large cities at first, it was deployed throughout the national territory. In 2002, the company began leveraging its fiber optic network to offer high-speed internet packages.

It was then necessary to wait until 2005 for Noos to carry out a merger with a competitor to create Numericable NC. This newly created company will easily succeed in establishing itself as the market leader. For two years following its creation, the company will sell its offers under the Numericable Noos brand. It was not until 2007 that it began to use the trade name “Numericable”. It is also on this occasion that it brings together its offers into one. Triple play allows you to enjoy cable television, ADSL internet and a landline telephone line.

In 2008, the brand became a mobile operator by entering into a contract with other operators. It then relied on the Bouygues Telephone network before borrowing the infrastructure and know-how of SFR. At the same time, Numircable continues to develop its fiber optic network by investing massively. This is one of its main assets. An asset that mobile operators coveted.

In 2014, Numericable and SFR merged. It was decided that the latter will choose the name of the offers. Expectedly, the Numericable offers ceased to exist in 2015. However, SFR has completely absorbed the Numericable network. Thanks to the kilometers of optical fiber that Numericable owned, SFR can offer FTTLA internet offers. In doing so, those who have subscribed to Numericable offers continue to benefit from cable TV, their landline number and high-speed internet.

What is the strategy behind the SFR Numericable merger?

The SFR-Numericable merger is part of a desire to offer a complete offer giving you access to cable, 5G mobile plans, high-speed internet and a landline number. For SFR, the objective was to take possession of the most extensive fiber network. Remember that Numericable has the most extensive network. In 2015, its network served more than 1 million households.

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For Numericable, this project aimed to reduce the costs incurred to have the stature of a telephone operator. Remember that before the merger, the company used the mobile network provided by SFR. This project carried out jointly by the two operators therefore promises them a bright future together. Patrick Drahi, at the helm of the parent company of Numericable, maintains that this merger is a necessary step to offer quadruple play offers at low prices.

Overview of the extent of the Numericable network

The Numéricable network has further expanded significantly in recent years. Today, it is accessible to more than 8 million households. With this network, it was possible to provide families in large cities with a high-speed connection using optical fiber. Moreover, the connection is made using cable TV for a speed of up to 1 Gbits/s.

Currently, although the Numericable offers have disappeared, SFR has taken over the Numericable network to offer a high-speed FTTLA internet connection. Since the merger, the two brands have had enormous commercial potential thanks to the cable network and the 5G network.

Overview of old Numericable formulas

Before its merger and its disappearance from the market in 2015, Numericable offered 4 packages with cable television and an internet connection or even a landline telephone number, cable channels, and a broadband connection.

Here are precisely these 4 offers:

  • The iStarter plan billed €29.99 per month for a high-speed FTTLA connection at 100 Mbits/s: the subscriber also benefited from unlimited calls to landline and mobile numbers in mainland France, plus around a hundred landline numbers at home. abroad and 6 mobile numbers outside France.
  • The Box Fiber Starter plan at €39.99 per month granting the same advantages as the iStarter offer. However, the subscriber was also entitled to 200 channels from the Numericable TV package.
  • The Box Fiber Power formula at €48.99 is similar to the previous offer. However, the speed increases from 100 Mbits/s to 200 Mbits/s. In addition, we are going from 200 TV channels to 240 channels.
  • The Box Fiber Family plan at €57.99 gave more bandwidth to all members of your family with a maximum speed of 400 Mbits/s in addition to unlimited calls. Subscribers also had 280 channels from the bouquet.

As mentioned previously, some Numericable subscribers continue to benefit from these offers until the end of the subscription. When Numericable was also a mobile operator, these offers are combined with Numericables offers. These mobile offers allow you to benefit from unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in addition to 3 GB of internet connection.

Contact Numericable

Numericable support services were also gradually decommissioned. Today, you must contact SFR to inquire about its offers or for complaints. That said, you can always contact those responsible:

  • By mail to TSA 6100092894, Nanterre Cedex 9
  • By telephone at 3990
  • In an SFR store capable of receiving Numericable customers.