Batman Popeye

When DC thought it was a good idea to have Popeye and Superman fist fight, although they left out the name and spinach

Anyone might think they’ve seen it all after seeing Batman’s pink and rainbow costumes or Nicolas Cage’s Superman. However, these crazy things are just the beginning of the madhouse that the DC Universes can be. You only have to look back to discover some real absurdities, funny and curious enough to liven up any conversation between friends.

Let yourself be surprised by the weather CC It seemed like a good idea to create his own version of Popeye (El Marino), which originated in the New York Evening Journal of January 17, 1929, and have him fight with Superman to see what would happen if the two characters fucked each other. His name is Captain Strong (Horatio Strong).

Batman Popeye

Action Comics #421 (1973), DC

If this seems crazy to you following a “no balls” from a friend of its creator, you’re almost right. Cary Bates wanted to see what would happen if he pitted Superman against Popeye…or at least a nearly identical version of him. This happened in the comic strip Action Comics #421 (1973).

The history of comedy shows Captain Strong (DC’s Popeye) fighting what he thought was a villain posing as Superman, but it was the Man of Steel himself. The spinach is replaced by green algae with alien spores which have the same effects (super strength, among others). After falling ill and the effect wearing off, they fall into confusion, become friends and solve the case. The events in DC never cease to amaze me.

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