Which online banks offer an authorized overdraft?

Are you looking for a online bank which offers a Overdraft ? This is an increasingly frequent request, and for good reason: having an authorized overdraft can be very practical for managing your finances in a more flexible and less stressful way.

What is an authorized overdraft?

Authorized overdraft is an option offered by certain online banks which allows users to temporarily exceed their balance without having to pay excessive fees. In other words, if you have an authorized overdraft, you can spend more than you have in your account without being penalized by overdraft fees that are often considered abusive.

Why choose an online bank for your authorized overdraft?

A bank with an authorized overdraft generally offers lower costs than a traditional bank could, this allows them to offer more attractive options for customers. Another advantage is that online banks offer greater flexibility for financial transactions, making it much easier to manage your finances.

Some examples of online banks that offer an authorized overdraft


N26 is a German online bank that offers a free authorized overdraft for Premium customers. The authorized overdraft can be used to cover unexpected expenses or to provide additional flexibility to manage your finances.


Revolut is another popular online bank that offers an authorized overdraft for some of its customers. The fees linked to the authorized overdraft depend on the package chosen and can vary between 0 and 3% of the overdraft amount.

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List of other online banks offering an authorized overdraft

  • Boursorama Bank
  • Hello Bank
  • Ing Direct

It is important to note that the conditions linked to the authorized overdraft may vary from one online bank to another. Some may offer more favorable interest rates, while others may charge additional fees for this service. It is therefore crucial to take the time to fully understand the terms and conditions associated with authorized overdraft before choosing an online bank that offers this service.

Other criteria to consider when choosing an online bank with an authorized overdraft

Additional fees

In addition to the conditions related to the authorized overdraft, it is also important to consider the additional costs that may be associated with this service. Some banking establishments may impose higher monthly management fees or interest charges for customers using authorized overdrafts.

Refund conditions

It is also essential to understand the reimbursement conditions relating to the concept of authorized overdraft. Some online banks may indeed impose strict repayment deadlines and significant penalties in the event of non-compliance with these deadlines. Make sure you take the time to study the general terms and conditions associated with the authorized overdraft before choosing an online bank offering this type of service.