Tout en laissant la porte ouverte à DC Studios, Dave Bautista rêve d'avoir un autre rôle dans le MCU

While leaving the door open at DC Studios, Dave Bautista dreams of having another role in the MCU

After his passage as Drax the Destroyer , it looked like Dave Bautista was going to say goodbye to the Marvel Cinematic Universe completely. His role in guardians of the galaxy It was one of the audience’s favorites and the actor himself greatly thanked Gunn for the opportunity, but it seems that he has not said his last word within the studio.

Through an interview with Gizmodo, the former WWE wrestler and now successful actor said that he still dreams of staying connected to Marvel Studios, but with a much bigger role similar to that of a supervillain in the instead of having a supporting role.

“When I said I was done, I was actually done with my journey as Drax. I still have a relationship with Marvel. I saw Kevin Feige again, Lou (D’Esposito) he just two weeks ago I would love to have the opportunity to play a bigger role, a different role, maybe a deeper role I would love to have the opportunity to play, like a sinister villain in the. superhero universe. Yes. But I’m never done with it.

The actor even pointed out that he had met senior executives of Marvel Studios to learn more about the future of the franchise, hinting that he could get a role in the future as the most sinister villain who must be defeated together.

However, in the same interview he also states that he would not mind participating in DC Studios , something that has been talked about for some time and which he himself recently alluded to on his social networks. But, no matter where he is, it seems Bautista wants to stay tied to a genre still exploring after several years of stagnation.

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