Why does corporate learning need to evolve?

Learning plays an important role both in society and in educational and professional environments. In this specific case, its process which has remained frozen for too long no longer fully corresponds to the expectations of the organizations. From their point of view, but also from that of the learners, it is therefore important that corporate learning evolves. We tell you why this change is necessary.

To facilitate learning outside the company premises

In most cases, corporate learning is represented by training courses. They are generally intended for new employees or interns who need to familiarize themselves with a certain amount of knowledge. To do this, the classic system requires that a trainer be assigned to them. He is therefore responsible for transmit all important information to learners.

The correction of a major insufficiency of this process is what Beedeez offers through one of its mobile learning solutions. The main disadvantage of this way of doing things is that it does not allow learning outside the premises. It is time-consuming because it requires a lot of preparation. In addition, training encroaches on working time or lengthens days. With mobile learning, it is possible to remedy all of this. This is a training method that allows you to learn in a fun way and above all while being mobile. It relies on the use of tools such as smartphones and is based on short and precise content as well as “gamification”. In addition to the acquired mobility and guaranteed speed of assimilation, it puts the learner at the heart of their learning.

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All these advantages make this approach to corporate training an innovative concept capable ofoptimize processes such as onboarding. It can facilitate the integration of new employees by improving the transfer of information thanks to entirely digital training.

To demonstrate more flexibility

The traditional corporate training system is known for its great rigidity. In some cases, it can be quite restrictive. This characteristic is the cause of significant inconveniences which justify the need for evolution. It can be initiated by abandoning conventional approaches in favor of a blended learning approach.

In other words, it is a strategy that combines the best of both worlds. It combines face-to-face training and learning using digital tools. In addition to bringing real flexibility to the process, it allows it to be easily adapted. With such a method, you could train employees with different profiles and requirements. It helps you provide personalized training and tailor-made.

With a blended learning approach, you also have the option of effective training for your employees. You will be sure that they will emerge more seasoned than ever. However, it will be necessary to use the strong points of each technique in order to maximize its effects. When you use the digital method for example, we recommend that you “gamify” your content. This aims to strengthen engagement and motivation which are essential factors for successful learning.