modélisation 3d de produits

Why use 3D modeling for your products?

Today, everyone can easily use image processing software. Some 3D modeling programs are available online. If you are hesitant to take the plunge, here are some explanations to help you model your products.

3D modeling will enhance your product

Traditional photography allows you to draw attention to your product. With 3D modeling, you will succeed in highlighting it. Properly handled, this relief presentation of the merchandise even has the merit of hypnotizing the eye. 3D image processing software currently available on the market highlights the advantages of an item.

The strengths of a merchandise may be the size, the design, its colors or others, but an excellent illustration will highlight them. In an advertisement or on a description sheet, the realistic 3D rendering makes the Internet user want to hold the product in their hands. Some 3D photographers will further enhance an item for sale with special effects or the use of very high resolution 8K and above.

This technology remains accessible to all budgets

Contrary to popular belief, the 3D visualization of your product will not swallow up your communication budget. The services of a 3D configurator aren’t free either, but you get what you pay for. The price will be even more interesting if you plan a series of products to illustrate. Clearly, you should subscribe to a studio or to online software such as Omi to benefit from a promotional price.

Count around €250 for 20 3D photos of impeccable quality. This is the basic Essential pricing plan, but other plans are also available. Please note that the cost of a 3D modeling is significantly lower than the price of a shoot with a professional packshot photographer. Some marketing photography specialists may charge you €25 per photo. They will not travel for any session below 300 euros. The amount on the invoice can be multiplied by 3 if it is also necessary to apply 3D rendering to the deliverables.

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A realistic photo can arouse various emotions

The biggest brands pay a lot of attention to the photos that will present their products. They want each shot to be so aesthetic and realistic that it makes the eyes of those who look at it shine. Beauty arouses positive emotions in human beings: it’s chemical. The role of a marketing campaign is precisely to create this state of wonder. So, know that 3D modeling has this power.

The whao effect is even more intense if the decor and customizations have been skilfully used to enhance your product. To succeed in this exercise, you will have to try to put yourself in the place of the audience you are targeting. Your advertising campaign will be even more relevant if you can tell a whole story from a single 3D image. Rest assured, the studio professionals will be sure to advise you.

A stunning visual rendering remains a good investment

omi 3d

A beautiful three-dimensional photo will amaze your prospects. Some will even take action and become customers. So you say to yourself that the advertising strategy has paid off. The return on investment is palpable since you can continue to use 3D modeling for around a hundred euros for various occasions and for years.

Finally, very beautiful three-dimensional photos improve your brand image. Your customers will appreciate your professionalism. This affects loyalty. Opponents will observe what you do very well and will be able to imitate you. For once, tell yourself that they will follow in your footsteps and remain followers!