Why use the personalized sweatshirt in corporate communication?

Whether it is intended for employees or customers, the personalized sweatshirt conveys the desired message in a cool way. Unlike the classic advertising t-shirt, this item of clothing appreciated by young people will be worn in public and on all occasions. Entrepreneurs or associations, find some good reasons to adopt a sweatshirt in your COM.

With or without a logo, the personalized sweatshirt offers many advantages

A powerful advertising medium, the sweatshirt ensures lasting communication. It’s a soft way to display a brand’s logo for years. It is also a timeless and unisex garment. Like Mark Zuckerberg, successful entrepreneurs use this model to maintain their cool attitude. Then, the printing surface is significantly larger than on all the other goodies. Both front and back, the company has enough space to apply a large image or a long advertising message.

The fact that young people wear sweatshirts almost daily is yet another major advantage. At the skatepark, as in class, they respect the juvenile dress code. This versatility boosts the visibility of a brand or company. Employees can also wear this garment to go to work, at least once a week. It’s like business attire, but it’s just a lot more comfortable to wear.

Free personalized sweatshirts or on sale

The sweatshirt can be given as a gift to build customer loyalty. This present is much more pleasant than a pen or a key ring. It is possible to offer it for free from a certain amount. The price will then be amortized. That said, it is also possible to sell the communication support. Consumers buy clothing out of attachment to the brand or simply because they like wearing sweatshirts. This is one more reason to opt for quality textiles.

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To make the sweatshirt more attractive, you need to pay attention to a certain number of criteria. The fabric should ideally be cotton. Synthetic fibers such as polyester should remain low in the composition of the garment. Color matters a lot. Gray is a safe bet. Neutral, it goes with all jeans and underwear. A light color highlights the message. That said, bright tones, even fluorescent, can also be in keeping with the times. You will just have to respect the company’s graphic charter.

Maybe we need embroidered sweaters too

The logo or message on the personalized sweatshirt can be applied in various ways. Screen printing, flocking and transfer are possible choices. However, none of these ways beat embroidery, especially on a promotional sweater when it comes to quality. The technique consists of reproducing an image or an expression using colored threads. The logo can be embroidered directly on the sweatshirt or on a patch and clearly has a very rewarding premium aspect. The quality of the result depends above all on the raw material, meaning the thread used but also on the quality of the textile. On this point, the Embroidered sweater with QuodaoTéréaSpa
Specialist in corporate sweatshirts and pullovers, quodao offers a rich catalog. The textile workshop also deploys 7 to 12 colors for each model. Furthermore, the minimum number is reduced to 5 whereas elsewhere, large series must be ordered. Finally, the price remains competitive for this brand of tricolor embroidery. Production has been carried out in France for years. Long live made in France!