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Wifi Router Definition

Essential in the age of wireless connections, the router ensures the transmission of the signal from the modem to different devices. Connected to the Internet service provider’s box via the Ethernet cable, it plays a vital role in connecting you to the Web. Discover the details on this case which opens a window to the world…

The WiFi router is like a multi-lane highway

There are at least three main families of WiFi routers. Many households still have the old generation of devices. If the needs remain basic, it is possible to keep the case which is a decade or more old. That said, Internet technology is evolving at great speed. It is therefore preferable to have a WiFi router less than two years old.

Whether with the old or the new generation, the general operation of the Wifi router remains the same. This device emits a radio signal on specific frequencies. It can be illustrated as a highway with many tracks. Each band has its own wavelength and serves a terminal such as a computer, a mobile phone or the smart TV. This image modeled on land or maritime transport gives this technology its name router.

A device with several frequencies

Data managed by a router is separated to avoid congestion. Some devices swallow a lot of byte packets. They take up much more bandwidth. This is the case for the Xbox game console or a television connected to Netflix. To fully benefit from these innovations, it is better to have a dual or triple band model. The latter manages three communication channels, one of which is calibrated at 2.4 GHz and two others at 5 GHz.

A tri-band device therefore remains the recommended solution in the event of multiple Internet connections. They are capable of providing uninterrupted signal for 8 devices. The bandwidth is wide enough to allow intensive traffic with streaming, games or even online work. For those who only use the Internet to check emails and occasionally see what’s happening on Facebook, a dual-band router will do the trick.

Continuously updated wireless transmission technology

Antennas constitute a criterion of distinction in their own right when it comes to routers. Some models have prominent appendages while others do not. You must choose according to the desired use. For an office shelf or bedroom, a small, compact device with a built-in or miniature antenna is better. For businesses that need a strong signal, it is necessary to have an outdoor extension to increase the range.

Please note that antennas can be oriented to improve radio frequency reception. This adjustment is essential when the waves need to pass through a floor, a concrete wall or a fairly long distance. The latest generation of home routers cover from the cellar to the attic without difficulty. These devices are the initiators of new standards in WiFi. Laptop, telephone and television manufacturers adapt to standards.

A SU-MIMO or MU-MIMO model

Wireless Fidelity wireless technology was born in 1999. The router was born at the same time as WiFi. The Linksys brand offers the WRT54G model which sets the very first standard that others have adopted. Since then, real standards have conditioned the evolution of the wireless Internet. The MU-MIMO protocol is the latest. Unlike SU-MIMO which serves a single user, this is a new generation of multi-user device. It manages several inputs and outputs.

An 802.11ac SU-MIMO router does not allow multiple devices to be connected at the same time. If this is the case, they must wait in single file. Some will be without a signal while the others receive and send packets of bytes. It’s a matter of milliseconds, but latency can cause various inconveniences. Slowing down or buffering can be enough to make you lose in an online video game. It’s a shame for PUBG fans.

Multiple signal speeds

With devices hogging bandwidth, it’s important to have a high-performance router. In particular, you need excellent transmission speed to watch HD movies without latency, or enjoy online video games without any slowdown.

  • The 802.11n standard released in 2007 anticipated this traffic and limits the rate to 450 Mbit/s.
  • The 802.11ac standard from 2012 increases to 1,300 Mbit/s with a frequency of 5 GHz.
  • With MU-MIMO technology, the throughput reaches 1.7 Gbit/s.
  • The introduction of beams brings a clear improvement. It is more of a functionality than a protocol, but they allow the signal to be dispatched in a targeted manner.
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To choose among its speeds, you must consider the use. The number of devices connected to WiFi matters. If there are multiple devices, you should upgrade to a MU-MIMO model. This standard dictates that a mother and her children can follow the Squid Game series on Netflix while the father holds a conversation on Google Meet with his boss at the same time.

Two key characteristics to choose wisely

Some routers can be managed from a mobile application. A user can then control the connections. For example, a mother can use this mobile program to stop the Internet remotely. This helps with education and screen control among children. The app can also prioritize certain devices and leave others in the background. This is a very useful feature when the same WiFi is used for entertainment and professional activities.

QoS or media selection is a key feature. Available on the latest generation routers, it allows traffic to be directed. Some devices will be entitled to more incoming and outgoing data than others. It is an admin panel that SMEs can use. For individuals, it gives priority to media that take up the majority of bandwidth. This is the case for HD video games. Ultimately, if a family member downloads, the current Rider Republic game will not be bothered in any way.

The type of port used

A router is more than just the wireless signal. It can also handle traffic from Ethernet ports. With a cable connection, it is possible to have a better transmission speed. This is the recommended connection for professional use or with a PC whose WiFi receiver no longer follows the protocols currently in force. This is a precaution to take for an online video game competition. Cables have also evolved. With Fast Ethernet models, the speed barely reaches 100 Mbit/s. For a Gigabit Ethernet wire it is 1000 Mbit/s.

If a huge amount of data needs to be transferred, it would be best to use the eSata Port of the router. Faster than Ethernet, this technology manages files up to terabytes in size. Downloading an HD movie only takes a few minutes whereas it takes 2 hours with a traditional connection. In any case, routers with eSATA ports should be preferred. They allow you to connect external hard drives with high reading speed. The throughput sometimes reaches 6 Gbit/s. This is incomparable with that of USB 2.0 and FireWire.

One last detail to consider

For the router to maintain good performance, it must be placed in the best place. In particular, it will need to be positioned halfway between the modem and the devices that capture the signal. This recommendation holds for horizontal distance, but remains valid for multi-level buildings. That said, it is best not to place the router near a concrete wall. Metallic objects and air conditioning systems can also create interference.

Large furniture and appliances can affect WiFi range. It is better to keep the device away from an aluminum cabinet or refrigerator. In the case of a duplex apartment or a hotel, it would be better to use a signal amplifier. Finally, you also need to see if the subscription is designed to support high speed. It is strongly recommended to subscribe to an offer without speed or volume limitations. Happy Surfing!

What are the best wifi modem router brands?

the different brands of wifi modems

  • TP-Link
  • Netgear
  • Asus

As for TP-Link, this Chinese brand was created in 1996. In 2011, it even became the number 1 brand worldwide for the sale and manufacture of devices for wireless networks. Netgear is an American computer company. It also saw the light of day in 1996. It has been listed on the stock exchange since 2003. In any case, you will have high quality and financially accessible products at your disposal. It is truly the general public who are targeted.

Obviously, there are other brands if you are looking for a router. To discover them, simply click on the link in this section. You can then filter according to the brand, if that is your wish. You will also have the option to do so based on throughput, price, and other criteria that will be important to you.