Wiflix: here is finally the new address in [month] [year]

Echoing Netflix, Wiflix is ​​an entertainment site offering films and series. Available for direct download, new cinema releases and the best current serials can be found at this address. We invite you to discover the URL to enter to see your favorite titles completely free. Follow the leader !

The Wiflix site is illegal!

Before you continue, please know that you are responsible for what you view or download from the Web. Like Wiflix, the Internet is full of entertainment sites on the fringes of legality. Zone-Téléchargement, Wawacity, Extreme Download and all the others have in common that they go beyond French copyright laws. Which raises the hackles of film studios and official broadcasters.

That said, using a copy for private purposes is not in itself an offense. The Internet user runs no risk, even if he contributes to a reprimanded distribution system. The responsibility lies with the download site publishers. Particularly tough, these people are in the sights of the piracy repression authorities.

A richly varied catalog awaits you

Illegal or not, Wiflix remains a good place to watch the latest in the seventh art. Recent entries include “Twisted House Sitter,” “Van Gogh in Love,” “Vaillante,” and “Usual Suspect.” From thriller to romance, through action and anime, all genres are represented. The contents are often in French. A small tricolor flag makes it possible to recognize the media in the language of Molière. You can also turn to the section for feature films in the original version with VOSTFR subtitles if you have trouble liking voice dubbing.

Series fans aren’t left out either. Wiflix has a huge choice in store for them. There are classics such as “The Walking Dead” and “NCIS: New Orleans”. The event series “Eau Paisible” is among the proposals. Fans of the “In a Beat” series will be in heaven.

The current address of the download site

Illegally distributing various content, Wiflix is ​​in the crosshairs of agents of Hadopi, the regulatory body responsible for enforcing intellectual property law. As it does not respect copyright, this platform is blocked. However, the publisher often puts it back online under another name. Currently, you will find the site at:


The change happened recently. Formerly accessible via Wiflix.city then more recently, Wiflix.zone. Be aware that copiers have launched clones with a domain name close to the original. Beware of wiflix.org and wiflix.eu URLs. These are high-risk addresses. Your computer or phone may be infected with viruses after the first download. Cybercriminals also find ways to take money from you.

An easy-to-understand interface

Advocating simplicity, Wiflix.one has an easy-to-use interface. Without frills, the site is content with the essentials. On the home page, you have the list of recently added media. Alongside the new releases, you will find superhero films like “Spider-Man No Way Home”. Fans of horror cinema will be able to see all the issues of the horror saga “Scream”. A scrolling banner informs the public about news specific to the platform. This is how the publisher announces a possible change of address.

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On the left column, you have a filter to quickly find a series, a film, or even a cartoon. Sort by genre by choosing family, comedy, drama, action and others. Additional functionality, a calendar gives the release dates of American series which will soon be available on Wiflix. The classification is also done in chronological order. Just scroll, that is to say, go up the thread to find the entertainment you need.

Always use a VPN

For your security, consider using a VPN or virtual private network. It is a service whose mission is to preserve total anonymity about what you do online. End-to-end encrypted, your downloads are safe from prying eyes and the authorities. They are even undetectable for the Internet service provider. This service provider tends to block illegal download sites. A paid VPN allows you to bypass this measure.

Another important detail, the series and films offered on Wiflix can be downloaded from hosting providers such as Uptobox or 1fichier.com. In any case, you will not have to register or provide your email address. The entire catalog is accessible free of charge. On the other hand, the protection of a VPN will pay off. Rest assured, the subscription is significantly lower than that of video on demand platforms such as Disney+ or Netflix. For two years of protected digital life, you will have to pay around 50 euros. Our advice would be to compare the offers from NordVPN, Cyberghost and Surfshark.

Good reasons to opt for Wiflix.fan

Above all, Wifix has the merit of not requiring financial compensation for downloading. The site offers direct access to its entire media library, without requiring you to take out a subscription. You will not have to subscribe to the newsletter or consult another page. The publisher is not even trying to sell you an antivirus, a VPN or any other product. For those wondering how the platform manages to survive, know that there are advertisements on the site. You can install an Adblock type blocker, but the pop-ups still pop up.

Then, the diversity of content constitutes another advantage of Wiflix. In addition to films and series, documentaries and animated series are available to visitors. The choice remains very wide with a large number of blockbusters in French. Feature films are sometimes in 4K image quality. This definition is not, however, extended to all of the titles offered. Some are in CAM version. It is a film recorded in a cinema from a Smartphone or a camera. If there is one downside to this site, it would be the fact that it is illegal.