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Windows Phone: more and more bad news

A mobile operating system published by Microsoft, Windows Phones has had a series of mishaps since 2017. At the time, the Redmond firm stopped offering the OS to smartphone manufacturers. This time, phones still equipped with this operating system will no longer be eligible for XBOX features, the company’s gaming platform.

More Xbox support on Windows Phone

Xbox stops Windows Phone integrations. This means that owners of phones with this OS will no longer have a number of fun features. In fact, Microsoft offered them games from its home console. This grace period which began in 2019 is coming to an end. Since this year, there have been no updates, even if some Xbox games remain compatible.

Windows phones do not have access to platforms such as Google Play or App Store. As compensation, the operating system publisher offers them mobile versions of certain games available on the Xbox console. Those days are long gone. A notification on the application dedicated to the Xbox environment attests that the link is broken. This is a blow to a community that clings to their dying OS.

All versions of the mobile operating system are affected

The mobile operating system that should compete with Android and iOS is currently in its 10th edition. All versions are affected by the break with the Xbox ecosystem. Owners of Lumia or Nokia with this OS can no longer access the various XboX Live options as before. Microsoft’s decision becomes effective on May 16, 2022. In any case, a few rare games remain compatible.

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Xbox profiles configured from a Windows Phone Smartphone are no longer accessible. Any attempt to connect to the cloud reserved for home console users is systematically refused. In other words, progress will not be saved. There will be no reward in prospect either.

Microsoft admits defeat in the mobile OS market

Launched in 2010, Windows Phones was announced as a strong opponent for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Microsoft’s mobile operating system has raised a lot of hope with the acquisition of Nokia by Bill Gates’ firm. At the time, the publisher knocked out BlackBerry and its OS10. This American phone brand has not recovered since. Rebelote, the disillusionment is not heard either for the portable version of Windows.

The alternative operating system has never been able to surpass the 4% mark of Smartphone users around the world, even at its peak. The $8 billion buyout of Nokia was not enough to turn things around. Running out of options, the multinational resigned itself to developing applications compatible with Android and iOS. Fortunately, the 11th PC version of Windows is doing quite well. The paid OS claims a third of the computers in the world. Who says better ?