xeon sierra forest

Xeon Intel, the range of microprocessors is enriched

The range of Intel Xeon microprocessors welcomes other models which promise to be more efficient. Sierra Forest arrives alongside Granite Rapids. Intended for the data center, this electronic chip is designed for heavy Cloud loads.

Intel promotes efficiency with the Sierra Forest processor

This Thursday, February 24, 2022, Intel lifted the veil on a new processor. This electronic chip called Sierra Forest is in full development, but the brand already informs that it will be one of the most effective on the market. Featuring unprecedented performance, it supports cloud-native applications. It features innovative architecture. Distribution should begin around 2024.

The efficiency per watt of this chip meets the requirements of hyperscaler customers. This term encompasses infrastructures requiring high computing power. Intel is targeting data centers and servers for this product. The latter opens the era of e-core, a family of processors capable of managing an enormous amount of data. They offer excellent efficiency instead of pure performance. That said, the range P-core Xeon calledGranite Rapids will continue its momentum in parallel.

The e-core with low consumption and great compatibility

E-cores do not use a hybrid architecture like their predecessors. His heart is made up of one type. For data centers, this new family of microprocessors supports workloads tolerant with low latency. At the socket and rack level, the density remains optimal, even if consumption drops.

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In terms of compatibility, Intel reassures that the “efficiency” e-cores chips should work without problems with other products in the Xeon range. The new versions will have no problem cooperating with an infrastructure configured with 12th generation Alder Lake processors. Servers and data centers will then be able to gain performance while consuming watts parsimoniously.

Other new features to come for the brand

During the investor day, Intel indicates that next waves of Xeon will seek the right mix between pure performance and efficiency. They will even give rise to a new platform specially designed for the data and server industry. Data centers will be able to have processors whose consumption corresponds to the workload.

THE CEO of the brand, Pat Gelsinger, also declared that Sapphire Rapide will be part of Intel 7. In short, the next chips will be 30 times more efficient than the current ones. In the near future, Emerald Rapids will be more widely distributed. The firm hopes to experience the same result as “Ice Lake” which sold 2 million units.