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Yahoo Mail, an email service to find

Simple, reliable and available on any terminal connected to the Internet, Yahoo Mail is an electronic messaging solution to adopt. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone, this application exceeds the competition with its 1 TB of storage. Find out more about this productivity tool well known to professionals.

Yes, Yahoo Mail is still operational and becoming more secure

yahoo mail interface

Launched in 1997, Yahoo Mail was the leading email service for a decade. From 2010 onwards, it experienced a certain deceleration. This was notably because of repeated hacker attacks. In 2014, David Filo and Jerry Yang’s company became the property of the Verizon Media group. The capital of this parent company gave it new momentum. Services become secure and stable again.

After the adoption of the A2F system, Yahoo Mail is attractive again. Its double authentication makes it possible to stem the multiple attacks from hackers that the service provider had to face in the past. This barrier stops mass attacks. In addition to optimal security, account holders with this platform have a wide range of new options.

Far from being obsolete, the platform remains effective

With 200 million subscribers, Yahoo’s electronic messaging service is a match for the Web behemoths. It is in the top 3 alongside Gmail and Outlook. The long years of existence make this platform extremely effective. Faced with tough competition, it stands out for a number of advantages, notably its unlimited storage. Google email users barely have 15 TB while with Yahoo, subscribers are entitled to 1 TB. There is no need to delete messages or attachments to continue receiving them.

Interesting technical detail, it is possible to send a 25 MB file with Yahoo Mail. With the majority of email providers, the volume of attached content becomes problematic from 10 MB. Holders of other email addresses can also marvel at the sober but effective design of the email service. There is still advertising, but the banners are at least contextual.

An email box compatible with all browsers

From a computer, Yahoo Mail can be opened on most browsers. Users will be able to try it from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. It is also compatible with alternatives such as Safari and Opera. The user will not have to download an additional program.

Just enter “Yahoo Mail” in the search bar. Which opens with a login. The Create an account option is available for those who have not taken the plunge. If you are using your computer, it is possible to stay connected. A button has been designed for this purpose. So, the next time you visit the platform, your account is automatically displayed.

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Account creation in a few clicks on a PC

If you do not have a Yahoo Mail account, you must enter this name in the search bar, then continue with the “Create…” button. You should include your contact details. From now on, you will have clear instructions, particularly for logging in to your mailbox. When an identifier is no longer available, the platform offers you an alternative wording.

Another detail: do not click on the “I want to use my current email address” link. It means a redirection to Gmail or Outlook. Immediately after, the password step is essential. A “Show” button allows you to read whatever key you choose. You have to re-enter it a second time. Information such as your mobile number is required. An SMS is then sent to your Smartphone. It serves as authentication.

A platform accessible from a Smartphone

Creating a Yahoo Mail account on a mobile phone uses the same procedure as on a PC. However, there are some slight nuances between Android and iOS. In both cases, you must start by downloading the electronics application from Google Play or App Store. After downloading, you must press “Open”. You then access the login. Just like on a computer, you will have to enter your contact details.

When choosing a name for your mailbox, you will be entitled to several suggestions. Once you have made your decision, continue with the rest of the procedure. Normally, you should provide a phone number for two-factor authentication. The password must contain at least 7 points. Besides letters, numbers and special characters, except accents are recommended. At the end of registration, the service gives you a summary. Correct it if an error has occurred.

Ability to change theme or perform searches

Your email interface is customizable with Yahoo. You have hundreds of possible modifications to make your email box look like you. In particular, it is possible to change the theme to your liking. Dozens of images are stored in the library to serve as wallpapers. Seniors or those with declining visual acuity may opt for high contrast. Everything is compatible with the native assistance of your Smartphone.

The search tool is your faithful ally on Yahoo Mail. It allows you to find a message, a recipient address and a lot of information. You can also give labels and get rid of spam? You have the right to unsubscribe from any newsletter and other emails that are too intrusive.

Don’t forget to edit an email signature

You can make a good impression by automatically signing your messages. Take the opportunity to convey your values. It is also recommended to provide your business card. It is also those who take advantage of it to give out personal information. It is even possible to add an electronic signature using WiseStamp. Either way, use the Yahoo In-App Editor.

The “Settings” button can also be useful to you at any time. Placed on the right side of the page, it allows you to better personalize your navigation. The setting options are on a drop-down menu, choose what you need. Finally, having a personalized interface and a beautiful signature is very good, but you should also learn how to write an email according to the circumstance. It will be in another article, I promise. Best regards.