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Yggtorrent: the new address of [month] [year]

Yggtorrent (Ygg for short) is a famous French BitTorrent tracker created in 2017 to take over from Feu T411. This Semi-private tracker, illegal of course, is at the start of the download zone, it changes address regularly. This in no way affects its notoriety because according to the Alexa ranking, it is neither more nor less than the 35th largest French website in terms of popularity and traffic.

Yggtorrent provides access to many types of content, ranging from ebooks, to recent films, including PC and console games, a real showcase dedicated to piracy and of which of course, the content can turn out to be corrupted. Using its content is therefore at your own risk!

Formerly accessible via the address, the famous directory once again had to change its address due in particular to Ddos attacks and various legal threats. Also note that between February 12 and 13, 2021, Yggtorrent had to force itself to change its URL once again! the fault of a second wave of Ddos attack. Knowing the interest and the shortfall of the major publishing houses, would the sponsors of these attacks be involved in the legal battle raging around the now iconic pirate tracker Yggtorrent? rumors are rife but the latter continues his path peacefully.

May 2022 – Yggtorrent changes address!

Previously hosted at the address, the famous Fr torrent site changes address and is now located at:, obviously we do not encourage piracy, quite the contrary, because the risks linked to illegal downloading are significant. It is also important to understand that Hadopi constantly monitors and scrutinizes P2P exchange networks, so you are not protected from receiving a nice official recommendation from the rights holders as well as from the high authority for the distribution of works. .

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For your security, we therefore advise you not to download anything from the Yggtorrent site, or to do so securely by scanning your files using an anti-virus (Total Virus for example) and to systematically use a VPN or a seedbox for your downloads, never do it from your personal IP address otherwise beware!

UPDATE: June 2022 – Yggtorrent changes address (again)!

after passing through Laos with its address, the famous site is moving again following, this time, DNS blocking problems. the official address of Yggtorrent is now located in Finland and can be found at the following address:, remember to update your bookmarks!

This change of address is not the only one to take place in this month of June, in fact, the Ygtorrent Twitter account has once again been blocked and this, for the second time! This blocking goes, according to the administrators of the Yggtorrent site, against freedom of expression. The team of the famous site is therefore planning to communicate from now on via a Telegram channel OR any other free alternative. We will update this article as soon as official information is available.

Update: December 2022 – New address for Yggtorrent!

Once again the famous Yggtorrent changes address! after having endured numerous DNS blockages and moving from Laos to Finland, Yggtorrent’s new address is now and for this occasion, they are setting up a competition via their Twitter page and are giving away 15 days of Freeleech (meaning, unlimited download / without upload ratio). Well of course we do not condone illegal downloads but it is clear that the community around the juggernaut that Yggtorrent has become continues to grow and innovate.

UPDATE: August 2023 – New address for Yggtorrent!

Once again the famous Yggtorrent changes address! after having endured numerous DNS blockages and moving from Laos to Finland, Yggtorrent’s new address is now , needless to say that Yggtorrent, despite its success, remains completely illegal for the majority of its content!

UPDATE: December 2023 – New address for Yggtorrent!

Here is the new address of Yggtorrent , Despite its age, don’t forget that Yggtorrent remains illegal for a large majority of its content!