Zack Snyder ne supporte pas les films de super-héros et s'éloigne encore plus de l'industrie

Zack Snyder can’t stand superhero movies and moves further away from the industry

The superhero film genre has seen a significant decline since the end of Avengers: Endgame. Marvel and DC have been fumbling in recent years, and while both studios have bright futures, it’s clear that the genre’s golden age is behind us.

This is what you addressed Zack Snyder , one of the eminent directors of superhero cinema who tried to establish himself with his Snyderverse, an attempt which, as we all know, was unsuccessful. Although there have been some statements about his possible return to the genre, the American director has expressed his weariness with this type of film.

“No one believes they’re going to see an independent superhero movie anymore. Comic book movies are a dead end now. The Holy Grail is an original IP that you created yourself that resonates and is cool. I don’t call James Gunn’s door, saying, ‘Brother, give me one of those tasty projects.'”

In a conversation with The Atlantic, the director suggests that the main problem with the genre today is that the films do not stand alone, but are part of a series of works that follow one another, and cannot be enjoyed independently without lose the main narrative thread of the story.

Even though Snyder believes that success lies in new intellectual properties, it seems that this was not enough, as Rebel Moon It was not very well received by the public. All that remains is for him to redeem himself with the director’s version or, in the worst case, with a second part convincing enough to change the public’s opinion.

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